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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: Do we have WIFI at the cabins? There is no WIFI at our cabins. If you need WIFI to access your email for business or other reasons, we will give you our password on check in. Then, you would have to be close enough to the office to log in. Some of our guests will park in the driveway to log in and get their information downloaded, others will sit on our side porch to access the internet. Is there cell phone reception in the area? There is but it is spotty. For example, a few of our cabins are located in the woods with the trees making it difficult for cell phone reception. At our office [...]

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Why People Visit

Your Cabin in the Forest.....   Cook Forest Top Hill Cabins have thirteen (13) cabin rentals in northwest Pennsylvania, located on over 22 private acres. Enjoy the romantic setting of your wood burning or gas-log fireplace and your outdoor picnic and fire pit area. The cabins are your home away from home; furnished and stocked with furnaces in addition to fireplaces. There is also satellite TV and outdoor picnic areas with fire pits. Most recent cabin updates include purchasing and renovating Maple Grove Cabin in 2017 and also purchasing Twin Oaks Cabin. Air Conditioning has been installed in both of these cabins. The other cabin with A/C is Sugar Pine Cottage which also has a Jacuzzi tub. Entertainment in Cook Forest [...]

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