Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do we have WIFI at the cabins? There is no WIFI at our cabins. If you need WIFI to access your email for business or other reasons, we will give you our password on check in. Then, you would have to be close enough to the office to log in. Some of our guests will park in the driveway to log in and get their information downloaded, others will sit on our side porch to access the internet.

Is there cell phone reception in the area? There is but it is spotty. For example, a few of our cabins are located in the woods with the trees making it difficult for cell phone reception. At our office and out in the open areas, where there no huge trees, you will be able to get cell phone reception. While you are here, if you need to use our land line, that will be no problem. At Clarion River, near Pale Whale Canoe, there is a public hot spot that makes cell phone reception accessible.

What do I need to bring to the cabins?

  1. Fire Starter to start your indoor or outdoor fire can be purchased at stores like WalMart, Lowe’s or Home Depot
  2. Kindling wood for your indoor fireplace, especially in the Winter months as you may have problems starting your fire in the fireplace
  3. Towels for your showers – Sheets, blankets, comforters and pillows are on the beds.
  4. Paper Products; Paper Towels and Toilet Paper. An initial supply of paper products comes with your cabin but you may need more while staying at the cabin.
  5. DVD’s of your favorite movies
  6. Plastic table cloth for the outdoor picnic table
  7. Additional Lawn Chairs for around the Fire Pit area.
  8. Flashlights and Candles or Lanterns – From time to time, there have been power outages in the forest and you want to be prepared
  9. Insect repellent, you may run into mosquitos or gnats.
  10. Charcoal Lighter Fluid and Charcoal – BBQ grills available at each cabin
  11. Charcoal Grill Utensils – BBQ grills available at each cabin
  12. Hot Dog Sticks – for marshmallows and hot dogs at the outside fire
  13. Aluminum foil
  14. Baggies and/or plastic wrap for food storage
  15. Large kitchen garbage bags – Our suggestion is 13-gallon bags for the kitchen garbage container

Please do not bring your own firewood. We supply an initial supply of firewood with your cabin which measures 6 cubic feet or 18″ x 24″ or 1/10th of a face cord is furnished with each cabin. If you need more firewood, the same size of firewood may be purchased from us on the premises.

Does the cabin have a coffee pot?

Yes, there are 2 coffee pots: a regular drip coffee pot and a Keurig coffee pot. So, bring your favorite coffee and brew away!

What all is in the cabin?
Each cabin has a totally equipped kitchen, as follows: Stove with oven, refrigerator, coffee pots, pots, pans and skillets, dishware, mugs, glasses, silverware. Cooking utensils. Toaster.

Each living room has satellite TV, fireplace (gas or wood burning) or wood burning stove. Please read each cabin description to find which cabin has what kind of fireplace.

Porches and gazebos. All of the cabins have porches and picnic areas. You would have to look through all of the pictures of each cabin to decide which outdoor area suited you best. Some cabins have outdoor porches and gazebos while others will have a patio and a gazebo. Some have covered porches and a picnic area not far from the porch. All of the picnic areas have fire pits for your wood burning fire outside.

Each cabin has bedrooms with double, single and queen beds. You would need to read the description of each cabin to choose the one that would suit you and your family and or friends who are coming with you.

For bathrooms, two of our cabins have 2 bathrooms while the rest have 1 bathroom. Bathrooms include 2 rolls of paper towels and a small supply of bar soap. There is, of course, a commode and a sink and a shower in every bathroom. One of our cabins, Sugar Pine Cottage, has a Jacuzzi tub.

Heat and Air Conditioning: We have furnaces in all of our cabins. We have the furnaces maintained by an outside HVAC company every fall before winter comes. We have 4 cabins with Air Conditioning if that is important to you in the summer months.

All of the cabins have running water in the kitchens and bathrooms. At our cabins, we have wells for the water supply, some have their own well and others have a shared well. There is no city water in our area.

Where do we check in?
You check in at our office at 2808 Forest Road, Cooksburg, PA 16217. Keep in mind that is our mailing address. If using GPS to find us, use Vowinckel, PA 16260 which is our physical address. We are in a home office and our home is red brick. We are located adjacent to Trail’s End Restaurant and across from Deer Meadow Campground on Forest Road.

If the sign on the door says “OPEN”, we are there. Please ring the doorbell as we may be in another part of the house.

What time is check in? Check in time is 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm. After 7:00 pm, we will hang an envelope on the door with a key and a map to your cabin. We will charge your card on file for the balance due. If a card is not available, please come to the office on the next day to pay your balance in full. For a possible early check in, you can call our office a day ahead or the day of your reservation to check the possibility of getting into your cabin earlier than the usual check in time.

Are we close to the River or another body of water?
Cook Forest Top Hill Cabins is located on top of a hill and is 3 miles from Clarion River. Our address is 2808 Forest Road, Cooksburg, PA 16217. We are on the corner of Forest, Clarion and Jefferson Counties – but actually in Clarion County.

There is no other public body of water nearby except for the Clarion River. You can rent kayaks, canoes or tubes at the Clarion River from 2 different vendors. They will take you up the river with your rented craft and then when you come back down the river, you turn your equipment, including PFD’s, in to the vendor.

For swimming pools, if your stay is Sunday through Thursday nights, you can swim at Kalyumet Campground swimming pool for a nominal fee. You can also swim at the pool at Marienville anytime they are open for a nominal fee. Kalyumet is 6 miles from our cabins while Marienville is approximately 13 miles away.

Is there a laundromat close by?
Deer Meadow Campground, just across the street from our home office, has a coin-operated laundromat that our guests are welcome to use. It is open every day during the summer months until 7:00 p.m. Summer months are Memorial Day through Labor Day.  There is also a coin-operated laundromat at Marienville which is approximately 13 miles from us. The laundromat in Marienville is open year-round.

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