People in Pennsylvania have experienced more bear sightings most probably because more of us have been home to see them due to the pandemic.

Have you or someone you know seen a black bear lately – such as in your trash, in a tree or just walking by? I know we have here in Cook Forest. According the the PA Game Commission, black bear live in 3/4 of Pennsylvania making it more likely for you to spot one. It is reported that an estimated 20,000 black bears make their home in Pennsylvania. That is a lot of bears!

A mild May probably drew more bears out into the open during the day. Black bears usually are out at dawn and dusk. Remember, it is illegal to feed black bears. If you have black bears in your area, try not to put out bird or squirrel food. If you do put food out for the birds or squirrels, bring it in at night.  Also, remember Fido’s food dish — bring it in at night.

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